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Manage Project Members

Other references

Researchers Training Manual (Part A)

Researchers Training Manual (Part B)

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Prior to completing the Project Details and Forms & Documents tabs, the Project Members should ensure all investigators involved with the project are displaying in the Members tab, as their details are populated into the Project Details tab and subsequently into the ethics and governance forms. The Members screen will display the CPI added initially through the Create Project form and any additional active or inactivate Project Members.


The CPI, CPI Delegate, PI or PI Delegate can add/invite or activate/remove Project Members, as well as edit their roles within the project (refer to Help Wiki: Roles in RGS for definitions of roles).

After the creation of a project workspace the CPI can add a CPI Delegate to the project to take on most of the CPI responsibilities, except for authorising and signing ethics forms.

The following rules apply to Project Members:

  1. CPI & CPI Delegate:
    • There can only be one CPI and CPI Delegate per project at any given time.
    • Only a CPI and CPI Delegate can add PIs.
    • The CPI should also be added as a PI for the site(s) they will be PI for.
    • The CPI and CPI Delegate are responsible for authorising the 'Project Details Ethics Information' section and ethics forms (CPI only) and documents.
  2. PI & PI Delegate:
    • Each site must have a PI assigned to it. 
    • The PI and PI Delegate can be assigned to one or more sites, but there can only be one PI and PI Delegate per site.
    • The PI and PI Delegate are responsible for authorising the 'Project Details Governance Information' section and site specific governance forms (PI only) and documents.
  3. CPI & PI Delegates:
    • Delegates are optional.
    • The CPI can assign the CPI Delegate and the PI Delegate.
    • The PI can assign the PI Delegate for their own site(s). A PI cannot assign a Delegate for another PI.
    • The CPI Delegate can be the PI Delegate.
    • The CPI cannot be the PI Delegate.
    • The PI can be the CPI Delegate and a PI Delegate for another site.
    • The AI can be a CPI Delegate and a PI Delegate.
    • The Sponsor cannot be a delegate.
  4. Associate Investigator (AI): The AI has the same access rights as Research Group Members (RGM). The AI is included on all forms as an investigator on the project.
  5. Sponsor: cannot take on another role and cannot be a delegate.
  6. Project Members:
    • Project Members may have more than one role in the project (e.g. they will be the CPI for all project sites, and also a PI for one or more sites). Click on the '+' to expand the view of the project member's roles.
    • Project Members can only have one role for a site at a time (except when a CPI is also the PI for a site or the member is also a CPI Delegate or PI Delegate).  
    • Project Members can remove themselves from the project, but by doing so, they are revoking their access rights to the project.


Add a Project Member

​​1.  In the project's workspace, click on the 'Members' tab. 

Manage Regions link.PNG

2.  To add a new project member, click 'Add Member'.  The 'Add Project Member' screen will launch.

add member.jpg 

3.  In the 'Search For Research User​' section, enter the name of the RGS User you wish to add to your project.  Only one user may be added at a time.  


4. When you have typed in the user's name, click on the person icon to confirm.  If the user is a RGS User, the name will show as a link.


Alternately, use the address book to locate a user. Click the 'Address Book' icon. The Address Book screen will launch. Type the user's first name into the search and click the search icon, select the name and click 'OK'. Alternatively you can scroll through the names until you find the user and then select them and click 'OK'.

 Add Members address book.png

If a user's name cannot be found they may not be a RGS User. Click Cancel and return to the Members Screen to Invite an Anonymous User (refer to Invite an Anonymous User to sign up in RGS) or alternatively contact the RGS Support to see if they are a RGS User.

4.  When the RGS User is found, click 'Add Role' to proceed.  The 'Add Role' screen will launch.


5.  Select the Project Member's role in this project, from the list of available roles.  Only one role may be added at a time.  If you do not assign a role to a Project Member, the default role is Research Group Member (RGM).


6. After choosing the role, based on the Project Members role (Refer to Help Wiki: Roles in RGS) the screen may or may not list the sites that need to be associated with that role. For example:

  • CPI Delegate: no site selection is required as the CPI Delegate has delegated responsibility for all sites.
  • PI:  select the site(s) the project member is a PI for. The CPI should also be made a PI for the site(s) they are PI for. Only a CPI or CPI Delegate can add a PI.
  • PI Delegate: select the PI who the PI Delegate is associated with, no site selection is required as the PI Delegate will be associated with the PIs sites.
  • AI: select the site(s) the project member is an AI for.
  • RGM: select the site(s) the project member is a RGM for.
  • Sponsor: select the site(s) the project member is a Sponsor for. Sponsors will have restricted access rights to the project e.g. they are unable to view the Budget Form. It is important that sponsors are only given this role in the project.

'Select' the site(s) associated with the Project Member's role and click 'Add'.


7. To remove a role that has been added, select the role and click 'Remove Role'.


8. After adding the role(s) for the Project Member, select that you 'acknowledge that the person invited to join this research project is aware of the confidentiality requirements regarding this project' (it is your role to ensure this has occurred). Click 'Invite' to send a project invitation to the Project Member, or 'Cancel' to discard the changes.  At least one role must be present to successfully invite a Project Member.


9.  If you attempt to add a user that is already a member of the project, you will be notified with this error message.

Add project member error.png

10. Once invited the person's name will appear in the invited section of the Members tab.


Request an invitation to join a project

An RGS user can request an invitation to become a Project Member of a project by sending a General Task to the CPI, CPI Delegate, PI or PI Delegate. Refer to Help Wiki: All About Tasks.

Invite an Anonymous User to sign up in RGS

If you are trying to invite a RGS User to become a Project Member and you cannot find their name, it may be because they are not a current RGS User (i.e. they have not been given access to RGS). These people are known as Anonymous Users. An Anonymous User must sign up to RGS first as a RGS User and Research User, before they can be invited to join a project.

An email template is available in the Members tab to invite the Anonymous User to sign up to RGS.

1.  To invite a person to sign up to RGS, click 'Invite Anonymous User'.


2.  An email for 'Research Governance Service (RGS) Invitation' will launch.  The email contains the project details and a link to the Sign Up page within RGS.  Enter the email address of the recipient, edit the content of the email as appropriate and click 'Send Email', or 'Cancel' to discard the changes.

Invite Anonymous User email.PNG 

Edit a Project Member's role

​​1. A Project Member can have roles added or removed by a CPI, CPI Delegate, PI or PI Delegate. To edit a Project Member's role in the Members tab, select the member and then click 'Edit Member'. The Edit Project Member screen will launch.

Add Project Member role

2. In the Edit Project Member screen, to add a role, click 'Add Role' The Add Role screen will launch.


Select the 'Role in this project' for the Project Member. Depending on the role chosen, select the site(s) for which the user is associated with (refer to Add a Project Member). Click 'Add' to save the changes made, or 'Cancel' to discard them. Click 'Save' to return to the Members tab.

The Project Member will receive an email notification advising them of the change in role.

Remove Project Member role

3. To remove a role, select the role, and then click 'Remove Role'. A confirmation notification will appear, click 'OK' to proceed or 'Cancel' to discard your changes. Click 'Save' to return to the Members tab. To change the CPI, refer to the Help Wiki: Change the CPI for the next steps.  Note that changing the CPI may require approval from the RGS Administrator.


Remove an active Project Member

A CPI, CPI Delegate, PI or PI Delegate can remove Project Members. All Project Members can remove themselves.

Project Members can only be removed if their role in the project is 'AI', 'RGM' or 'Sponsor'.  This means, the CPI Delegate, PI, and PI Delegate roles first need to be changed to the RGM role before being removed. Once the Project Member is listed as an RGM they can be removed. If a CPI, PI or AI is removed from the project the reviewing HREC and relevant site should be notified using an Amendment Form.

1. To remove an active Project Member on the 'Members' screen, select the member to be removed, within the 'Active' grid. Click 'Remove Member'.


2. A confirmation message will appear to confirm that the Project Member's membership is being revoked. You may enter a comment regarding the reason for removing the project member. Click 'OK' to save the changes made, or 'Cancel' to discard them.  

Remove Member 2.jpg.png 

3. Once removed from the project, the person's name will now appear within the 'Inactive' grid with the status as 'Inactive'.  To keep the Project Member's status as active, click 'Cancel'. You may reactivate the user at a later stage.

Activate an inactive Project Member

1. To activate an inactive project member on the Members screen, add the Project Member back to the project.  Follow the steps in Add a Project Member​.  A confirmation message will appear, to confirm whether you wish to activate an inactive Project Member.

Reactivate member.png

2. The Project Member's name will now appear within the 'Invited' grid, until they accept the invite.


Other references

Researchers Training Manual (Part A)

Researchers Training Manual (Part B)


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