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Change the CPI

Other references

Researchers User Guide (Part A)

Researchers User Guide (Part B)

​​Note that only the RGS Administrator and the CPI can change the CPI.  When removing the current CPI, RGS requires you to nominate a new CPI. In the project's workspace, click on the 'Members' tab. 

 2018 Members tab.JPG

1. To remove a CPI's role in the Members tab, select the member and then click 'Edit Member'. The Edit Project Member screen will launch.


2. Select the CPI role and click 'Remove Role'.


 3.  A confirmation message will appear.  Click 'OK' to proceed, or 'Cancel' to discard the change.


4.  The Select New CPI screen will launch. You will be required to select a 'New CPI' from the list of active Project Members.  The comment field is mandatory and you must provide a comment, such as a reason for the change, and then click 'OK'.


5.  After removing the CPI role, ensure that the user has other role(s) left under Current Membership.

Change CPI pending CPI removal.png

Otherwise, you will be prompted with this error message.

Change CPI error CPI has no other role.png

6.  Click 'Save' to save the changes made, or click 'Cancel' to discard them.  The project membership change will initially appear within the 'CPI Change Pending' grid.  The request to change the project's CPI will now be sent to the RGS Administrator as a task for approval.   


Once approved, the new CPI will be shown under the 'Active' grid.

If the change has occurred after Ethics approval or site authorisation an Amendment form must be submitted to the reviewing HREC and all RG Offices associated with the project sites. 

If a RGS Administrator has initiated the change of CPI, the changes made will automatically be processed and will not need to be sent for approval.

RGS Administrators wishing to approve a request to change the project's CPI, should refer to Help Wiki: Approve changes to the CPI​.

Other references

Researchers User Guide (Part A)

Researchers User Guide (Part B)



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