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All Users (Getting Started) Guide ​ ​

Once you have been given access to the RGS, you should update your profile, as it is important that you ensure your RGS profile details are current. This is because certain fields within the RGS are pre-populated with information from your profile. For example, the Coordinating Principal Investigator (CPI), Principal Investigator (PI) and Associate Investigator (AI) profile details are automatically populated into the ethics and governance forms.

​​​​1. In the menu options found on the left hand side of your screen, click on 'Update Details' under 'Profile Management'.

home 2.jpg 

2.  The 'Update Details' screen will launch.  All mandatory fields have a red asterisk (*) next to them.

Update Details screen_v2.png 

3.  Personal Details:

  • You can update your Title, First Name, Surname, and Date of Birth.  Your date of birth is only seen by the RGS Administrator and used for identification purposes if you forget your password.

  • Add a photo.  This photo will be seen by other RGS users and will be used if you agree to your information being published on the Investigator Speciality List, and should be only be a head and shoulder shot of yourself.  Click 'Upload Photo'.  The Upload Profile Photo screen appears. Click 'Choose file...' and you can source your photo from your available directories.  Once you have selected your photo, click upload.  You can crop your photo and then press save.  Once you have uploaded a photo you will have the option of removing it.

  • Answer the Good Clinical Practice question.  This is a profile information question for all researchers, and answering 'No' will not restrict your ability to access to the RGS.

  • Select your Area of Research Speciality by selecting your Broad Health Condition first, and then your Specific Condition.  Your nominated Area of Research Speciality will be published in the Investigator Speciality List if you select 'Yes' to the Publish Information question.

  • Type in your Qualifications and expertise.  Your qualifications and expertise will be published in the forms if you are an investigator on a project. Your qualifications and expertise will be published in the forms if you are an investigator on a project.  Specify the areas that you has been certified, accredited or credentialed and the expiry date(s).  There should be a brief outline of your expertise that can be populated into the forms (a maximum of 500 words).  You have the option of uploading your CV that can be view by the HREC and Research Governance when reviewing any project applications that you are an investigator on.

  • If you have an ORCID ID you can enter number here and it will link to the ORCID website.

  • Answer the Publish Information question.  If you select 'Yes', your Title, First Name, Surname, Organisation, Phone (Business), and Area of Research Speciality will be displayed on the public webpages in the Investigator Speciality List.  Only investigators must select 'Yes'. This is a national requirement and will allow external stakeholders to contact you to collaborate in future research projects.

4.  Primary Contact Details:

Select whether you are a WA Health Employee.  The answer to this question determines the next series of questions you need to complete.  Changing your answer to this question will clear all information in this section including your primary and alternate email addresses.

If you are an existing RGS user and have now become a WA Health Employee you can now enter your WA Health information into the RGS. 

  • Type in your HE Number.
  • Complete the mandatory fields regarding your organisation starting with Jurisdiction.   Iyou cannot find an Organisation, click ‘Request for a New Site, Division or Department’.  Refer to Help Wiki: Request for a new site, division or department​ for the next steps.  
  • Edit your Primary and/or Alternate email address.  Your primary email will be used as your RGS username.  If you switch from WA Health Employee to a Non-WA Health Employee or vice versa, you will need to nominate a new primary and alternate email address.  Changes to your Primary and/or Alternate email will require RGS Admin confirmation before they take effect.

          Note that you will need to start using this new primary email address next time you sign in to RGS.

  • Edit how your receive your Security code.  You can change how you want your security code sent to you.  It can be sent to your Primary email, Alternate email or SMS to Mobile.  You retain the option of having the security code sent to your other alternatives by clicking 'Resend Security Code' after you have entered your password

2018 Profile Primary Contact Details Security Code.JPG

  • Edit your Phone (business) and extension (if applicable), this should be the number you can be reached during normal working hours.  Data input allows for +, brackets, numbers and spaces.  Enter the extension number (maximum of six (6) numbers) only where relevant. 
  •  Edit your mobile number. Data input allows for + and numbers.

5.  Secondary Address:

If you are a WA Health employee you have the option of having a secondary address maintained in RGS.

Answer the question Is this a Public Health address?

If yes then you will need to select the information from the drop down menus for each field starting with Jurisdiction.

If no then you will need to enter the information starting with Organisation.  Enter the full official name of the organisation please don't use acronyms.  The address is added through the Find Address field.  Start typing the address and select it when it appears in the drop down menu.  This will populate the address fields.  You can enter additional information specifying your location in this organisation in the Unit/Level field.

2018 Profile Student Training CV Details.JPG

6.  If you are a student:

  • If you are a student and will be conducting a research project as part of your studies you can enter the Institution and the Course information in this section.

7.  Training:

  • You can enter any training details that relate to your research work in this section.  First enter the relevant information into the Provider, Training details (the name of the course) and the Date of attendance.  When you click 'Add' this information will be populated into the grid below. 
  • You can also upload a copy of your GCP Certificate here.  You can only maintain one copy on the RGS.  Click 'Choose File', this will allow you to browse your computer to locate the document, once located you select open and you can then 'Upload' it.

8.  Personal Documents:

  • You can also maintain a copy of your Curriculum Vitae (CV), which will be viewable by Ethics Committees and Research Governance so that you do not have to submit a new one with each application.  Click 'Choose File', this will allow you to browse your computer to locate the document (pdf only), once located you select open and you can then 'Upload' it.

9.  To confirm the changes made, click 'Save' found at the bottom of the screen.  To discard changes made, click 'Cancel'. 

 Other references
All Users (Getting Started) Guide

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