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Sign up as RGS User (for Non WA Health Employees)


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All Users (Getting Started) Guide ​​

Prior to receiving access to the RGS, new users will be required to complete the New User Sign Up form and submit it to the RGS Administrator for approval. Approval may take 1-2 working days.

 ​​​​​1. Click on 'Sign Up' to launch the form.  It is situated on the left-hand side of the RGS screen.

Sign up.jpg 

2.  The 'Sign Up' form will launch.  All mandatory fields have a red asterisk (*) next to them. 
Hover your pointer over the information icon information icon.jpgon the right hand of the screen will provide you with tool tips and information that can assist you in completing that particular part of the form.
 Sign Up_v2.png
Details entered in the 'Sign Up' form may be updated later on, after access request has been approved.  Refer to Help Wiki: Update Your Profile for the steps.

3.  Enter your password in line with the password policy and then re-enter the password.

2018 Sign up reason for access.JPG 

4.  All users of RGS are assigned the default of 'RGS User'. In addition, you must select your reason for requesting access (i.e. the type of user you will be in the system) from one or more of the RGS roles:

  1. Research User
  2. Hospital Administrator
  3. Committee Member
  4. Research Governance Officer
  5. Ethics Executive Officer

Refer to Help Wiki: Roles in RGS​ for the descriptions of the roles in RGS.  You will be prompted to confirm the role selected as an incorrect selection will result in your application being denied.  Click 'OK' to continue with the role selected, or 'Cancel' to undo the selection.

Sign Up confirm role_v2.png 

5.  Complete your profile:

2018 Home Screen Sign up Provide Details.JPG

  • Complete your details: Title, First Name, Surname, and Date of Birth.  Your date of birth is only seen by the RGS Administrator and only used for identification purposes if you forget your password.
  • Answer the Good Clinical Practice (GCP) question.  This is a profile information question for all researchers, and answering 'No' will not restrict your ability to access to the RGS.
  • You must nominate a Primary and Alternate email address, which are different. The RGS requires a two-step authentication, involving password entry and an additional access code which is sent to your nominated primary or alternate email. An alternate email allows you to access the system when you cannot access your primary email e.g. at home.
6. Select No in the Are you a WA Health employee? question.  
2018 Home Screen Sign up non WA Health employee.JPG
  • Complete the mandatory fields regarding your organisation. Enter the full official name of the Organisation/Company you are affiliated with, no acronyms please.
  • Find your organisation/company's business address by starting to type the address.  Select the address from the list of address suggestions.  The other address fields will automatically populate based on the address you have selected.
  • Enter you Position/Job title within the organisation.
  • Enter the Primary email address you will be using in relation to RGS.  Your primary email will be used as your RGS username, as well as for receiving the security code that you need to enter when logging in to RGS.  You are required to enter your primary address a second time to confirm it.
  • Security code you receive a security code each time you sign in to RGS.  You can select how you want your security code sent to you.  It can be sent to your Primary email, Alternate email or SMS to Mobile.
  • Enter an Alternate email address.  This can be your private/personal email address different from your primary email, and is used to contact you if you do not have access to your primary email address.  This is also the back-up email for receiving the security code that you need to enter when logging in to RGS, in the event that you cannot access your primary email.
  • Phone (Business) should be the number to reach you during normal working hours. Data input allows for +, brackets, numbers and spaces.  Enter the extension number (maximum of six (6) numbers) only where relevant. Be aware that this number will be visible to other users and possibly the public if you agree to be on the Investigator Speciality list.
  • Mobile number is an optional field.  Data input allows for + and numbers.
7.  As a non WA Health employee you will have to provide a WA Health Employee as a referee.  This person must be able to confirm that you are a real person and the information you have provided in this form is correct.  The referee should provide you with the information necessary for you to complete this section.
Local contact.png 

Complete the mandatory fields regarding your referee.

  • Enter the person's Title, First name and Surname.
  • Enter the Jurisdiction which will be Western Australia.
  • Enter the Region, Organisation, Division and Department from the drop down menus provided.  If you cannot find their organisation, division or department in the drop down lists, contact the RGS Administrator to request to be added.  Note that you will not be able to submit this Sign Up form until your organisation, division or department has been added in RGS.  You will be notified when your request has been completed.
  • Enter their position/job title within the organisation.
  • Enter their primary email address.
  • Phone (Business) should be the number they can be reached during normal working hours.  Data input allows for +, brackets, numbers and spaces.  Enter the extension number (maximum of six (6) numbers) only where relevant. 
  • Mobile number is an optional field and will be used to contact them if they are unavailable on the Phone (Business) number.  For mobile, data input allows for + and numbers.

Make sure 'I am not a robot' is ticked.  Type the characters in the picture provided.  You may wish to get a new set of characters by clicking 'Get a new code'. The code is not case sensitive.

Tick the box stating that you have read, understood and agreed with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.  Both of these documents can be accessed via the Help Wiki under the Disclaimer section.

 8.  Click 'Submit', and if all field validation rules have been met, a confirmation screen will be shown.  Applications are typically processed within 1-2 working days by the RGS Administrators and you will receive an email approving or declining your request.
Sign Up confirmation_v2.png 

9.   You will receive a confirmation email with an application reference number.

 2018 Home Screen Sign Up confirmation email.JPG

 Other references
All Users (Getting Started) Guide 

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