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​​Using Help Wiki Guidelines

The Help Wiki guidelines for using RGS are located in the menu on the left hand-side of the screen. Click  '+' to expand the section to reveal relevant Help Wiki pages.

If you are not signed-up to RGS: the 'Getting Started with RGS' will help you to sign up. If you are not sure where to start click Quick Start for RGS Users

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Once you have signed-in: the rest of the help will provide you with information on how to create and 'Manage My Projects' within RGS. If you are not sure where to start click Quick Start for Researchers & Hospital Administrators 

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​Training Manuals

The RGS has Training Manuals located at the top & bottom of each Help Wiki page. The manuals replicate the content of each Help Wiki page (and other relevant pages based on the users role in RGS).

For All Users, Researchers and Hospital Administrators the manuals include:

For HREC Members, Ethics Executive Officers and Research Governance Officers the manuals are available from their related Help Wiki pages.

The RGS screens also have tooltips. Hover your pointer over them to read more information about the section or field to be completed.

About RGS​

Implemented in Stages ​

The development of RGS has been broken into 2 stages:

Stage 1 went live on 5 December 2016.   Stage 1 allows for the submission and approval of research project applications online utilising a collaborative workspace for investigators, project members, sponsors, sites, Research Governance Officers (RGOs) and HRECs. This stage encompasses the creation of users and research projects; the completion, Hospital Administrator authorisation and submission of ethics and governance applications; the review and approval by HRECs and RGOs, and site authorisation for WA Health sites involved in the research project. ​

Stage 1 does not allow for the processing of monitoring forms - these will need to be completed on the current hard copy forms and submitted to the Ethics and RG Offices as per usual practice outside the RGS. ​These forms can be found at either Research Ethics or Research Governance

Stage 2 will have staggered releases throughout 2017/2018. Stage 2 will provide the ability for investigators, sponsors, sites, RGOs and HRECs to monitor and close authorised research projects, attach publications and generate reports.

24/7 access anywhere in the world  

RGS is a web-based application that can be accessed 24/7 anywhere in the world as long as you have access to the internet and either your primary or alternate email.

Secure, collaborative workspace  

Signing in to the RGS requires two factor authentication. Each time a user logs in, they are provided with a security code to gain access. The audit logs retain the traceable activity of all users, so researchers can be assured that the confidentiality and integrity of their research is being protected.

Each research project also has its own security, as access is by invitation only. It is a collaborative workspace that allows easy interaction between the Project Members with the ability to create forms, upload documents, post comments, and create and action group and individual tasks. The history and timeline give a clear and concise picture of the project's progress.

For both the ethics and research governance, it means that reviews can be conducted within the RGS, giving greater access sooner. Committees have their own collaborative meeting space to enable discussion prior to meetings.

Centralised data repository and can generate reports on-demand   

In Stage 2, there will be a comprehensive list of reports available, with access based on the individual user's security. The investigator speciality list and the recruitment search are just two of the reports which will be available to the public that the RGS is able to generate in real-time.  For RGS users, there is a comprehensive search criteria that can be used to search for both projects and related publications. RGS is also able to produce both state and national reports with the ability to update these as requirements change.

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