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Fill out and authorise a Budget Form (for supporting department HA)

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Hospital Administrator Training Manual

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Principal Investigators (PI) that require either a service or support for a research project from a supporting department (department which is providing resources or services to support the research department) must request a quote and authorisation from the Head of the Supporting Department (HoSD) or their delegate. The type of service/support, cost and funding (whether monetary or in-kind support) must be documented in the RGS Budget Form. 

The PI will nominate the HoSD (or delegate) when they select the supporting departments in the Budget Form and send them an invitation to provide a service. This will allow the HoSD to:

  • decline the request to provide a service
  • edit and authorise the service/support items and costs in their departmental costing section of the form
  • indicate in their departmental funding section whether they wish to provide a service in-kind.
PIs (or delegates) who wishes to nominate a HoSD for a supporting department should refer to the Select the departments section within the Help Wiki: Add, fill out and authorise a Budget Form.

Invitation to provide a service

1.  Once you are invited as a HoSD, you will receive an email.  Click on the link to the RGS Task provided in the email.  Note that if you have not done so, you will need to login to RGS to access the Tasks page.  
Authorise BF as RD (1)_v2.png 
If you are not taken directly to the task, click on 'Tasks' on the menu situated on the left-hand side of the screen. Refer to the Help Wiki: All about Tasks.
Tasks link.png 
2.  In the Tasks page, click on the 'Invitation to Provide Quote and Authorise/Decline in Budget Form' link found under My Tasks. If it is overdue it will be in the overdue section of Tasks and be coloured 'red'.   
    Task 1.JPG   
3.  Upon opening the task, click 'Action' which will direct you to the project's Budget Form for the site which is requesting your department's services or support, or 'Cancel' to return to Tasks.
   Task 2.JPG
Click 'Decline the task' if you have received the task in error. You will unable to access the project Budget Form or related documentation.  If you have actioned the task already, click 'Finish Task'.

Agree to provide a service and authorise

Provide a quote in a Budget Form

The Budget Form has 3 screens:

  1. Departmental Selection – this section is completed by the PI and lists the Research Department, Supporting Departments and Third Party Agencies that will be involved in supporting the project and their nominated Heads of Department/delegates.
  2. Site Project Budget – this section contains the costs of the project. It is:
    • completed by the PI for the Research Department and Third Party Agency and authorised by the HoD
    • completed and authorised by the HoSD.
  3. Site Project Funding / Support – this section contains the costs of the project. It can be completed by the PI and HoSD.
1.  In the Budget Form, click ‘Edit’.
   BF Departmental Selection Edit.png
2.  A confirmation message will appear.  Click ‘OK’ to proceed.
Authorise BF as RD (5).png
Take note that you are now on ‘Edit’ mode, and the form will be checked out to you until you click ‘Save & Close’.
Authorise BF as RD (6).png
3.  Click ‘Next’ to proceed to the Site Project Budget page.
4. At any time you can click on 'Forms & Documents' tab to review the project's protocol or other documents in order to determine what services are required. 
   BF Departmental Selection Next.jpg 
5. The 'Site Project Budget' page will launch. Expand the Supporting Department section and your Department section by clicking on the '+' sign.
   BF HoSD expand.jpg 

6. Based on the protocol, enter the service/support item, a cost description if required (i.e. the usual name of the item), cost and quantity. To calculate the quantity you should review, the number of participants and time frame of the project which is listed on the 'Department Selection' screen. For additional information on selecting service and support items refer to 'Add service and support items' in the Help Wiki: Add, fill out and authorise a Budget Form.

The PI may have already entered the service/support items and quantity; these can be edited before authorisation. If so, review the items against the protocol and enter the cost per item. Drag the scroll bar found at the bottom of the grid to view the other columns. 

 User tip:  If you want to look at the budget and a document (protocol) or form at the same time, right click on the 'Back to Forms & Documents' to open it on a new tab.

Authorise BF as SD (1).png
7.  To add any additional items, click 'Add' and a new row will be added at the end of the list in your department's section.
Authorise BF as SD (4).png
8.  To remove an item prior to authorising, select the item and click 'Remove'
Authorise BF as SD (2).png
9. You can add a comment in the comments box at the bottom of the screen to notify the PI of any concerns related to the provision of services/support or nominate if any services will be provided as in-kind support. Any in-kind support can then be added against this item by you or the PI in the Site Project Funding / Support section of the Budget Form. 

Authorise a Budget Form

1.  When you are ready to authorise, click on the ‘Authorise’ button.
Authorise BF as SD (3).png
To confirm that you authorised your department's costs successfully, the department will display 'Authorised' with your name and the date of authorisation. 
Authorise BF as SD (5).png 

If you wish to make changes, click 'Unlock' and the previous authorisation will reset.  The items under the supporting department can be edited at this point.  Press 'Save & Close' to save your changes and close the budget, this will make the budget available to other users.

BF HOSD unlock.JPG 

Decline a request to provide a service 

​1. If your department is unable to provide the services or support from your department for the research project, click on 'Decline'.

Decline BF as R-SD (1).png

2. A comment screen will launch. You will need to provide a reason to the PI for declining the request to provide a service/support for the project.

3. Click 'Save' to proceed with declining the use of the services for your department.  

Decline BF as R-SD (2).png

After saving, if you wish to remove the comment or provide a new one, you will have to unlock this department quote, click 'Decline' again and provide a new comment.

To confirm that you declined the provision of your service successfully, the department will display 'Declined' with your name and the date of declining. If you hover-over the word 'Declined', the reason will be shown.

 Decline BF as R-SD (3).png

If you wish to make changes, click 'Unlock' and the previous authorisation will be reset.  The items under the supporting department can be edited again at this point.


Other references

Hospital Administrator Training Manual


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